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What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a technique to make money through bookmakers promotional offers and bonus bets. Matched Betting is not gambling, but instead a risk-free technique that is 100% legal. Bookmakers give away huge cash sums as a way to attract customers in betting with them and not their commpetitors. By exploiting these offers matched bettors are able to create risk-free profit. Instead of relying on luck, Matched Betting use mathematics to turn these bonus bets into cash by coving all possible outcomes of an event.

I’m not good at maths?

Matched Betting has been around for more than a decade, but due to the difficult maths involved in it not many people have been able to take full advantage of the offers. Until now there has been limited inroads into Matched Betting. However, Lay Back Bets has done all the hard work for you and with just a few clicks and keypad inputs into our calculators everything is worked out for you, allowing everyone to make profit from Matched Betting rather than just the maths geniuses.

What is a bonus bet?

A bonus bet is money that a bookmaker puts into your account that can be used to place a bet. Bonus bets are basically free money given out by the bookmakers, however you can only withdraw once you have bet with them.

How is it risk-free?

It’s risk-free because all possible outcomes are covered when betting on a specific event. By covering all outcomes there is no chance that your bets can lose. The profit comes when you cover one of these outcomes with a bonus bet. By covering one of the outcomes with a bonus bet you are able to extract up to 80% of the bet amount and turn it into cash.


For example: You sign up to a bookmaker offering a bonus bet of $100 when you deposit $100 cash into their website. Once you have deposited $100 your bonus bet is then credited to your account. Now imagine there are two people running a race, person A and person B. Person A and person B both have Odds of 2.00 to win the race. You bet $100 cash on person A to win the race and then you bet the $100 Bonus bet on Person B to win the race. No matter which person wins the race, you are always going to end up with $200 in winnings as you have bet on both people at odds of 2.00. As you only initially used $100 cash to bet with your profit would be $200 (winnings) – $100 (initial cash bet amount) = $100 (profit). This is the essence of Matched Betting, although it is a slightly oversimplified version. 

Why trust Lay Back Bets?

We have years of experience in Matched Betting, making consistent profits both in the UK and Australia. We have the knowledge and we want to share it with you! We are so confident about how much you will love the site, that we offer a money back guarantee after the first 7 days of usage if you aren’t fully satisfied.